About Us

Leosons Corporation is a forthright, family owned organization that adheres to the highest ethical standards of business conduct and protects the best interest of our customers. Leosons purchased the rights to multiple heritage brands to assure that these products have availability to their long-standing customers. We are also vigorously promoting the efficacy of these products and use to a new generation.

These products include: NICE ® Lozenges, FIBERALL® Fiber Laxative, CHOOZ® Antacid Calcium Gum, PRIVINE® Nasal Spray, TRIP TONE® for motion sickness, CALDECORT® hydrocortisone Anti- Itch Cream, and TANAC® for mouth ulcers.

In addition to these heritage brands, Leosons is also the maker of various private label products including Leona’s® vitamins, Amerix® vitamins, Clear Mist® Nasal Spray, Hemosoothe® Hemorrhoid treatment and much more. Leosons continues to develop products for everyday customer needs!

Leosons makes it their business to always exceed customers’ expectations. Leosons personal customer satisfaction team is ready to answer any question, or take your sales order, at 1-855-452-9500.

Leosons is the proud, exclusive distributor of these products that are manufactured and sold in the United States. However, Leosons also has a great presence overseas, distributing to areas such as the Middle East and Africa. For more information on our overseas operation, please visit WWW.LEOSONSINTL.COM.

We are always looking for US Distributors who are interested in carrying our products, as well as Overseas distributors ready to sell our products abroad. We are also actively looking and seeking for new opportunities to grow our portfolio of brands through acquisition. Please contact us at info@leosonsintl.com for further information.

As a leading distributor of pharmaceutical products, we work hard to provide the latest, best quality goods. Our progressive and disciplined corporate culture, collaborating with a hard-working and committed staff, reflects Leosons success!

Caution: As with any other dietary supplement, consult your physician before using this or any product if your child is taking medication, or has a medical condition.